L'oréal white perfect CF " Fan Bing Bing "

日本では、ウーロン茶(烏龍茶)のTV commercialで、そして、つい先月は、カンヌ映画祭で話題となりました、
中国人女優 Fan Bing Bing 出演のCFが、UPされました。

In Japan, it is TV commercial of the Oolong tea and il was a topic by Cannes Film Festival just last month, 
CF of the Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing was uploaded. 
Before her Make-up, begin with a moisture pack,  a massage using the essential oil,
it was the making of careful base. The skin which is white transparent ! very beautiful.

director :  Maren Hwang
hair :  Tomoko Ohama