L'OREAL UV Perfect CF Fan Bing Bing 范冰冰

監督は台湾からのMaren Hwang。センシティブな感受性は、フランスっぽくて、ドラマティックで、
それにしても、彼女は、肌も美しい + みごとなナイスバディー。
(どうしたら彼女のようになれるのか "もともと" だとしても、ちょっと聞いとけば良かったな♭)

A collaboration with China, Taiwan, France, (I'm Japanease) and Bangkok staff local. 
I was very comfortable. They love Japan, they visit to there many time, more it than me...?!
Director Maren from Taiwan.  His sensitivity is like a Française and dramatic.
His strange idea was very intereseting, I liked it !  
The shooting was hard very much but hot Thaï is delicious, the staff is very gentle, thank you to all,
it is a good memory.
By the way, she has a beautiful skin, still more wonderful nice body. 
( how can I become like her body ? I know that she has originally … even… if I heard some trick… a littre♭) 

中国語版 25秒

画像がちょっと鮮明ではないですが、英語版 31秒 

director :  Maren Hwang
hair :  Tomoko Ohama